Let’s contribute to the hope for a better future, so the next generation could have a healthy Planet.

Waste Management

We are focusing on the protection of our environment thus we expect the same from our partners. Working with suppliers that are carefully selected by us, we can reduce our packaging waste.

Energy Management

Our philosophy is to reduce the energy consumption and our carbon footprint, so we outsource the storage of our goods to external, reputable cold storage warehouses.

Packaging optimization

During the design and development process of our packaging, we are not only aimed to have an economic solution, but to create a safe and environmentaly friendly result, reducing the quantity of slow-degradable materials.

Social responsibility

We believe in zero-food-waste, therefore we are committed to create products that result in the smallest amount of waste for our partners and for the benefit of our environment. Due to modern IQF technology, our products can be stored up to 180 days without using additional artificial preservatives. Due to the practical, space-saving packaging of our frozen pastry, we can make it easy for you to use only what you want and store the rest for later without worrying about spoilage.