Pastel Portugal - the Portuguese pastry

Be aware, highly addictive! :) /

Secret of Jeronimo’s monks: crispy, buttered puff pastry dough filled with sweet, cinnamon-vanilla flavoured egg cream.

The hardest part of the process has been done by us: after we bake them, the pastries are quick-frozen, packed and stored on -18 0C. You just need to defrost and warm them up in the oven or a grill. The ari will be filled with the sweet fragrance of vanilla and cinnamon. Consume it with a cup of Portuguese espresso for the best.

Logistic data

EAN code:
The gross weight of one carton: 7055 g
12 piece of pastries = 1 roll
10 rolls = 120 pieces = 1 carton
Shelf life: 180 days
Storage: at -18 ºC

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